Overcoming Reverse Culture Shock

Coming home after a trip abroad can be heartbreaking. It is hard to accept the fact that the adventure is over however, there is a lot we can do to help get over that feeling. Here are a few of my suggestions:

1. Write in a journal – This is something I do every time I travel. I write about every days experiences. What I ate, where I went, who I met, how I felt. It can be beneficial to continue on with a journal when you return home. For me, it helps to get over the dull feeling of being home. You can write about how it feels to be back, past memories you are fond of. It is a great way to let all your feelings out.

2. Look through the photos – Looking through my trip photos is one of my favourite things to do. Being gone for so long there is so much I did that I often forget about. When I look through my photos I always come across one that I completely forgot about. It brings back fond memories and always brings a smile to my face.


3. Take part in activities in your community – A good way to get back into life at home is to take part in local activities. When I first got back home I signed up for dodgeball and soccer, something I really enjoyed before I left too. This will allow you to meet people and get your mind settled back to being home.

4. Spend time with family and friends – When I travel alone people often ask me if I feel lonely. The truth is I spend more time with people while I am travelling than I do when I am at home. At hostels there is always someone that wants to hang out or participate in activities with whereas at home people are caught up in their daily lives. When arriving home, at least for me, I felt really lonely because I was so used to being surrounded by other travellers. When I got home I spent a lot of time with friends. They loved hearing about my travel stories and it helped me get settled back in to daily life.

5. Get back to doing the things you love – Try and think about what you loved doing before you took off on your journey. Travel often changes us but it is always beneficial to remember what made you happy before you left. Try those hobbies again to see how you feel.

6. Write a blog – Writing a blog is a great way to get your stories out into the world. When I first came home I found it hard finding people to relate to. I had experienced my travels solo and had a hard time finding someone that genuinely wanted to listen to my stories. There is a big community of travellers online that always want to hear and discuss great adventures. It is a great way to share your stories/advice with people and to also relive those memories.

7. Read other travel blogs –  I really enjoy reading other travel blogs. It is always a comforting feeling knowing there are so many people out in the world that share this same passion as me and have felt the same feeling I am feeling.

8. Try to find a travel network in your community – Some cities have travel communities. Try meetup.com and see if any exist, if not you can always start one too!

9. Start Planning your next trip – Probably the best way to get over reverse culture shock is to plan your next big adventure. As soon as I got home from my last trip abroad I started planning my next trip to South America. It gives you something to look forward to. Just because one adventure is over doesn’t mean you son’t have many more to look forward to.


I hope these suggestions help you to get over your reverse culture shock. If you have any more tips not mentioned here please sound off in the comments section. Thanks!

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