The Lions of Drakenstein Lion Park

Last April I had the wonderful opportunity of volunteering at Drakenstein Lion Park in Paarl, South Africa. A town in the scenic Cape Winelands.

Drakenstein Lion Park is a sanctuary for captive born predators. Many of the Lions have been rescued from Circus’ where they have been kept in 4×4 shipping containers for the majority of their lives, circus trailers, or rescued from the illegal pet trade. Many of the lions have been beaten so badly they now suffer from severe eye infections, or even a broken jaw. It is heartbreaking to see the Lions in distress and sad to think of what some people will do to animals but it is humbling to see the good home and love that Drakenstein Lion Park provides to these animals.

My time there was very positive and I am happy to have been able to provide support for the Lions. The highlight of my time there was hearing the Lions roar all night from my nearby accommodations and photographing their beautiful faces. I am so in love with Lions now! They are the most powerful and majestic animals I can imagine.

Here are some photos of the Lions at Drakenstein Lion Park.

You can view Drakenstein Lion Park’s website here for more information on donating or volunteering. On the website you can also find more information about each of the lions and even offer to adopt a lion. Anything helps.

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