8 Free Things To Do In Prague

Prague has a very vibrant and rich history. Being one of the most picturesque European capitals there is plenty to do everywhere you look. The good thing is many of the city’s top sites are free to explore, perfect for the budget traveller.

Here are my top 8 recommended free activities in Prague.

Free Walking Tours

There are numerous free walking tour companies in Prague. Many of them begin at the historical centre of Prague and the Old Town Square. The tour company I went with was called Hostel Culture. They have various free tours including the general history tour, castle tour, and the pub crawl tour. The tours run at various times every day. They are free of charge but the guides do work for tips. It is a great way to get an orientation of the city and learn about Prague’s rich history.




Visit The John Lennon Wall

The John Lennon Wall is a wall in Prague filled with John Lennon inspired graffiti and Beatles lyrics. For a long time it has been a ground for political graffiti. When the locals were under communist rule they were not allowed to express themselves so they did so on the wall. It is an iconic part of Prague and not hard to find either, just around the corner from the Charles Bridge in Malá Strana.





Observe The Hourly Clock

The Hourly Clock is located in the city centre. It announces the hours with twelve apostles passing by the window on the astronomical dial. It is one of the top tourist attractions in Prague and worth a visit for its deep history.


Walk The Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge is a 14th century stone bridge linking the two sides of Prague. It is above Vltava River and is definitely one of the city’s most beautiful attractions. it makes for a lovely pedestrian experience to walk across the bridge and enjoy the view.



Petrin Hill Observation Tower

Set out on the top of Petrin Hill is a lookout tour inspired by the Eiffel Tower.It is 299 steps to the top of the hill where you will be met with a breathtaking view. If walking up the steps is not your thing there is a trolly that will take you to the top of the hill. It is the perfect place to wander about or have a picnic. Petrin hill is a must if you want to experience the stunning panoramic views of Prague.


Explore The Grounds Of Prague Castle

Although entry into the castle is not free, exploring the grounds is. After a lovely walk up the hill to the castle you will see a mesmerizing view of Prague. It is normally busy with tourists so try to get there early to avoid the crowds.




See The Architecture Of The Dancing House

The Dancing House is situated near the Vlatava River. The design of the modern looking building stands out in a city surrounded by historic architecture. The top floor of The Dancing House is the only floor open to the public and is home to one of the city’s finest restaurants.


Stroll Around Old Town

The Old Town Square is one of two main squares in Prague. It is surrounded with medieval buildings and ancient churches. To fully appreciate the beauty of the Old Square take a leisurely walk or it sit back and soak up the atmosphere at one of the squares many cafe’s. It is also a good place to enjoy the multitude of buskers of Prague.



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