What I Have Learned From Solo Travel

Go With Your Gut

I have been lucky with safe travels for the most part and I mostly owe that to trusting my intuition about who I talk to and what street to take. I have learned to not second guess myself. Some people seem genuine in their intention but that is not always the case.

You’ll Learn What You Like

I’ve learned that I don’t really enjoy museums. I prefer to take the local transport over a taxi. Sometimes I want to visit a restaurant twice or even three times because it is that good. I love staying in hostels even if it means sharing a dorm with 10 other people. Sometimes I just want to stay in and cook my own meals even if that means missing out on an evening out. I don’t always need to see every tourist attraction just because everyone tells me I need to see it. I want to walk everywhere and take the night bus so I don’t have to waste a day. Travelling alone has allowed me freedom to do everything I wanted.

The World Is Immensely Kind

People often gasp when I tell them some of the countries I have been to and that I travelled alone. It is hard to maintain an open perspective of the world when we are being bombarded with negative stores from mainstream media. Travel opens your mind up to these preconceptions with a more realistic view of the world. Travel shows the immense kindness of the world. People have welcomed me into their homes, let me borrow their cellphones to make a call, offered me food when they barely have any for themselves, walked me to the bus station when I was lost. Despite the culture and language barriers experienced when I travel I have realized that we as people are all actually very similar. Everyone is just trying to get by in life and find their place in the world.

Minimalism Is More Obtainable Than I Realized

I lived out of a backpack for 6 months and I was completely OK with that. Although I sometimes got bored with wearing the same clothes, I never once wished I had more stuff. I enjoyed having less to choose from and less to worry about. This experience taught me that I don’t need so many possessions in my life to feel fulfilled. I’ve realized I am actually happier living a simple life. Living with less has given me energy for the things that really matter.

Self Acceptance

I have travelled to so many places I never thought I would go and done things I never imagined I would do; things that people tell me I am brave for doing but I don’t feel brave at all. Travelling solo is the first time I have actually felt proud of myself. I have lived a life I could never have dreamed of and am finally full of self-love and acceptance. That is the most valuable lesson of all.

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