Being Vegan in Buenos Aires

I was pleasantly surprised with the vegan options in Buenos Aires. Especially considering Argentina is one of the most meat heavy countries in South America. I use the app HappyCow when in a new city to search for vegan restaurants near me. It is $4.99 CAD in the app store. The vegan food has been SO good here.

Here are some of my top recommendations for vegan restaurants in Buenos Aires.

Konu Bar

This vegan cafe is located in the area of Montserrat. They serve burgers, nachos, pizza, cakes, shakes and more. I had nachos and an oreo milkshake and it has HEAVENLY! I wish I had asked what they made their cheese sauce with because it was so good. The oreo milkshake tasted exactly how I imagined it would…like oreos. They also have a variety of cakes which I did not order but saw others eating them and they looked impressive.

Pizza Vegana

An all vegan pizzeria chain located in Palermo and San Telmo. After reading glowing reviews I had high hopes for this restaurant and they definitely delivered. You can either order a full pizza or single portions that are shaped like a basket, crust on the outside with a hollow centre and filling. The cheese was amazing! I ordered The Bolonia, De La India, and Verdolaga.




A quaint vegan restaurant with a natural food store. Various locations around the city including Montserrat and Palermo. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee, and deserts. I ordered the chocolate mousse cake and I really enjoyed it.



Green Eat

Not a vegan restaurant but they have good vegan options including a few sandwiches, quinoa burger, and many juices. Located right in the centre of downtown on Florida Ave. A great option for a quick bite.



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