Must do in San Pedro de Atamaca

Moon Valley

This is a must-do in San Pedro de Atacama. If you only have 1 day this is what I would suggest to do. I have never seen anything like the Moon Valley.  I was waiting for an alien to pop out from somewhere because I felt like I was on another planet!

Piedras Rojas (Red Rocks)

This is the sort of place that you need to see to believe. No photo or video will ever do it justice. Over my 3 months travelling in South America this was a highlight and probably the most beautiful place I visited, in my eyes.

Watch The Sunset

One of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen and I am still in awe that I got to experience this.


Being one of the best places in the world to view the stars, stargazing is a must in the Chilean desert. You can easily go in your own car but since I was travelling solo I opted for a tour which was 15,000 CLP. We drove about 20 mins out of town to an astronomers house where 5 giant telescopes were set up. First, we laid on lawn chairs staring up at the sky as the professional astronomers showed us the stars and explained the constellations. We then got to look through the telescopes where we saw a close up of the moon (amazing), the milky way, and various constellations. On some nights you can even see jupiter. So cool!

Explore The Town

This is often overlooked as most people spend their day on a tour exploring the surrounding areas but the town itself is quite beautiful and has a lot of history. I recommend taking the free walking tour. Guided by locals, it lasts about 2 hours and is a great way to learn about San Pedro de Atacama.

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