Cycling Death Road in Bolivia

I have to admit I lost a bit of sleep the few nights leading up to my Death Road cycling experience. “Why am I doing this?” I asked myself. The reason why is because I love a thrilling adventure and this is the ultimate. Death Road (also known as Yungas Road) is a road in Bolivia leading from La Paz to Coroico. It has been given the title as the “world’s most dangerous road”. I felt a bit crazy to do this but in the end it was the most amazing, thrilling experience.

Choosing the right company to cycle with is important. Safety comes first and you want to make sure you go with an experienced and well prepared company that provides all the safety equipment and good bikes. I went with Ride On Bolivia and it was the right decision for me. We had 9 people in our group, two guides, great bikes, all the necessary safety equipment, and awesome outfits.



I was picked up from my hostel at 7:30am. After a one hour drive we reached the top of the mountain where we were met with a snowstorm. A snowstorm did not cross my mind but since we were on the top of a mountain it made sense. This is the moment where myself and my fellow cyclers asked ourselves “what did we get ourselves into?” I was not a happy camper. Not only was I about to cycle the most dangerous road in the world but I was about to cycle the most dangerous road in the world in a SNOWSTORM?!? Luckily by the time we finished our breakfast the snow had mellowed down and it got warmer and warmer the more we declined. It ended up being a beautiful day, thank goodness!






The 4 hour ride downhill was breathtaking. It was scary at times but I was so mesmerized with the beauty of the mountains that it washed all the fear away. It was exhilarating, beautiful, and at times challenging. I was so happy to reach the end of the road and realize I had survived, I had made it. The tour ends in the jungle of Coroico where we had a great lunch and received t-shirts saying “I survived the world’s most dangerous road”.



Unfortunately I wasn’t able to take much photos due to safety reasons but Ride On Bolivia handled that for us. They took photos and videos along the way and uploaded them to dropbox for us to download.



If you are in La Paz, Bolivia and craving an adventure I highly recommend cycling down Death Road. It was one of the most memorable moments of my trip. Just take it easy and make sure to ride slow. Be safe.

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